October 5, 2022

Fashion blogging and content creation are fun.

You get to experiment with the clothes that you wear.

You draw a lot of inspiration from timeless styles and make them your own.

You advise other people who want to revamp their closets and give themselves a new look.

There’s so much to love and enjoy in fashion. 

But it can also be very tiring, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive.

How can you transform your passion into a reliable source of income?

Boutique affiliate programs. 

And to help you out, we’re going to list the 8 best boutique affiliate programs out there. 

So are you ready?

Let’s dive right in!

8 Best Boutique Affiliate Programs to Increase Your Income

Here are the 8 best boutique affiliate programs you should look into: 

  1. Zaful
  2. Nordstrom
  3. Zappos
  4. Oxygen Boutique
  5. Forward
  6. ASOS
  7. Revolve
  8. H&M

Let’s look at their programs one by one. 

Zaful Affiliate Program

Best Boutique Affiliate Programs Zaful

Commissions: Up to 30%

Cookie Window: 30 days

On top of our list is Zaful.

Some may say it is too big to be called a boutique since it functions like a marketplace. But we’re including it anyway.

And here are the reasons why.

First, Zaful is one of the biggest fashion sites, selling over 500,000 items to its customers. 

Originating from China, it now serves customers from all over the world with its huge and affordable selections. So if you want more international audiences landing and clicking on your affiliate link, Zaful is definitely a smart move.

Second, Zaful has one of the most, if not the most, generous affiliate programs. 

You can get commissions up to 30%. Plus, you can also get an additional 10% commission by sharing your product links on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. 

And to top it all off, you get free clothes from Zaful! 

That’s right — free clothes shipped to you from Zaful. 

All you need to do is post reviews or videos on your page and they will approve if you qualify for the free items or not.

Last but not least, it has a lot of discounts for its shoppers.

By a lot, we mean stackable coupons and vouchers, free shipping, and straight discounts on their items. The more discounts they offer, the easier it is for you to bring your audience to shop there. 

And when they shop more, you get to earn more.

Nordstrom Affiliate Program


Commissions: 2% – 20%

Cookie Window: 14 days


It’s the go-to premium department store and fashion destination for many.

Nordstrom is so easy to love…

The list of brands is endless and they have every item you will ever need — from underwear staples, reliable leather boots, evening gowns, quality jewelry, and designer handbags. 

They have it all. 

But what makes them stand out from other boutiques is their customer service. 

Nordstrom is highly praised for their customer support. Many customers even share a “bond” with Nordstrom and its sales representatives. 

One of their most loved policies is that there is no expiration date on returns and refunds. So if you shopped online, sent it as a gift overseas, and you still want to return the item after two months, they will gladly accept them!

As shoppers, there is absolutely no reason not to like Nordstrom, and we believe your readers and followers will feel the same way!

Zappos Affiliate Program

Best Boutique Affiliate Programs Zappos

Commissions: 7% 

Cookie Window: 30 days 

A big part of fashion is shoes.

Some might not be too conscious in choosing their clothes but are very invested in searching for the shoes of their liking.

And if we’re talking about shoes, there is nowhere to go but Zappos.

Zappos started its online presence in 1999. It exploded in 2009 and we have known it as the shoe destination since then.

Fast-forward to 2022, Zappos has added bags, jewelry, and clothing to its racks.

But if you want to promote shoes and where to get them, getting your customers to Zappos won’t be hard as it has grown into an international brand.

So just go ahead and sell the shoes, and customers will be convinced enough to shop through your links.

Or, if you can, sell them an entire outfit – since you can buy clothes and jewelry from Zappos, too. 

Oxygen Boutique Affiliate Program

Oxygen Boutique

Commissions: 8%

Cookie Window: 30 days

Your subscribers from the UK and Canada have probably heard or seen Oxygen Boutique.

It’s an independent boutique that started in London and is known to support young, budding, and unique designers.

For customers who don’t want the big, flashy, and monogrammatic logos, rest assured that Oxygen Boutique doesn’t offer that.

They are selective in choosing the brands they sell to maintain the same quality, aesthetic, and craftsmanship of all the items they carry in-store.

This store has a dedicated Baby and Holiday Season section that is different from the other boutiques.

So if you are talking to moms in your blog or want to focus on a specific season or a holiday, you can definitely give recommendations from this site. And in turn, you earn a commission. 

Forward Affiliate Program

Best Boutique Affiliate Programs FWRD

Commissions: 6%

Cookie Window: 7 days

You’ve seen celebrities, models, and socialites shop from Forward.

But what is Forward?

Forward is an eCommerce platform that showcases iconic fashion houses and emerging brands; all curated to fit their customers. 

And to elevate the shopping experience, their products are presented in visually appealing and editorial layouts.

This site is perfect for luxury and vogueish fashion bloggers and trendsetters.

Another commonly requested content is about investment pieces, especially bags. 

Undoubtedly, Forward will be an apt place to trust and look for these pieces.

Since Forward only has designer brands in its roster, you can only guess the prices of the items here.

And yes, you are thinking what we are thinking. 

You’ll get a higher commission with every sale from this site. 

But keep in mind, Forward only has a 7-day cookie window. 

So write your blog post well and hope you have customers hitting that check-out button before the 7 days are over.

ASOS Affiliate Program


Commissions: Up to 6%

Cookie Window: Up to 45 days, depending on the platform

There’s no other boutique that has been vocal and committed to inclusivity other than ASOS.

And they’re not just riding the train of body acceptance and gender inclusivity; they are living it.

From their billboards to the descriptions of their items, and most importantly, to their portfolio, you can see how ASOS caters to everyone and every type of body.

Clothes are tagged with common descriptions such as tall, petite, curvy, wide-fit, pregnant – you get the picture. 

Models with different ethnicities are commonplace. And you can see some of their images showing cross-dressed individuals.

If you’re a blogger who feels strongly about matters centered around these social issues and wants to share where to get pieces that will not hinder and hide one’s true self, you should consider ASOS in your list.

ASOS is owning this space. And if you’re a blogger who can capitalize on this, then, by all means, become an affiliate partner with ASOS. 

Revolve Affiliate Program

Best Boutique Affiliate Programs Revolve

Commissions: 5%

Cookie Window: 7 days

Revolve is one of the most fashionable online boutiques you can ever find. 

If you want to look like an influencer or a celebrity, you can easily pick out an outfit or two from this site.

While most of us think that Revolve only has on-trend and designer pieces, it can actually cater to almost any style you can think of.

It houses over 500+ brands from different price ranges, different styles, and different designers and known fashion houses.

Revolve is big on its marketing and PR activities, with all its travels, event sponsorships, and VIP clubs. So don’t worry about having to market Revolve on your blog.

You’ll just need to go through their catalog to see which items you can recommend to your readers. And if you need pictures along with their banners, they got you.

H&M Affiliate Program

H&M affiliate program

Commissions: Up to 10%

Cookie Window: 30 days

Let’s move past the expensive and luxe brands.

Here’s a brand we all know, a household name for many – H&M.

It’s not a secret as to why people love it. We love H&M because we find both trendy and classy items at affordable prices.

There are also distinct categories within the store, such as sports and activewear, contemporary, street and trendy, and business and smart casual. 

Plus, you can also find a huge selection of items for men and kids, which you don’t often find from one brand.

If you need to write content touching on budget and affordability, there’s no doubt you can find an item or two from H&M to share with your readers. 

And if there’s a sale ongoing, which they often have, then more reason to announce it to your audience. 

There may be some backlash right now about fast fashion, but it is nice to know that H&M has taken measures to make their brand more sustainable through recycling of garments, donation of old clothes, and changes in supply chain and operations, just to name a few.

This bit might appeal to some of your readers that only use environmentally-conscious brands, and we believe H&M deserves a shoutout.

How to Select the Right Boutique Affiliate Program 

So we listed the best boutique affiliate programs. 

But how do you select the right ones for YOU?

There are 3 things you need to look at before you sign up for an affiliate program. These are commission rates, cookie windows, and the brand’s niche and target market.

First up, commission rates.

We all know that we should be eyeing higher commission rates. But aside from the percentage, you also need to check how much the commission rates are depending on the affiliate platform. 

Aside from this, you need to know if there are caps on the commissions you’ll receive. Some affiliate programs have tiered commissions based on customer type – if they are new or returning customers.

Next up is the cookie window.

The longer the cookie window, the better.

Customers don’t just load up their carts and instantly check out. Some sleep on it, others wait for a sale, and there are few who just want to see how long they can resist checking out.

Hopefully, by the time your leads check out, it is still within your cookie window, so you’ll get the commissions from it.

Lastly, the target market or the niche.

Fashion is such a big space, and maybe you’re not catering to all styles and interests.

If that is the case, you need to be more mindful of which programs you’ll join. Better choose those boutiques that align with your fashion content and what your readers are looking for.

We’re all hoping for higher clicks and sales, so don’t waste your and your customers’ time with brands that don’t match their taste.


 Nowadays, earning from your passions and hobbies is no longer that difficult to do.

In fashion blogging, you will find that one of the fastest and easiest ways to earn while you’re sleeping is through affiliate marketing.

And now you know the 8 best boutique affiliate programs out there. 

Remember, you need to find the best affiliate partners that match your niche, cater to the same customers, and offer great commissions and deals.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and sign up with the boutique affiliate program that suits your needs and preferences. 

Good luck!

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