October 5, 2022

Do you work around mortgages?

Maybe you have a blog about it.

Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to join a mortgage affiliate program. This way, you can do what you love, while earning extra income on the side. 

But what are good mortgage affiliate programs?

Well, we’re here to help you. 

Today, we’re going to list the 7 best mortgage affiliate programs. Not only that, we’re going to tell you why they are the best. 

Plus, we’ll also talk more about joining an affiliate program. 

So are you ready?

Let’s dive right in!

The 7 Best Mortgage Affiliate Programs (That Guarantee the Highest Commissions)

Here are the 7 best mortgage affiliate programs:

  1. Quicken 
  2. SoFi
  3. The Motley Fool
  4. Lending Tree 
  5. Gabi Insurance 
  6. Lexington Law
  7. Better

Let’s look into each affiliate program. 

Quicken (Longest Cookie Duration)

Best Mortgage Affiliate Programs QuickenQuicken Loans 

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

Commission Rate: $15-$20 Per Click

Quicken’s mortgaging services were top-ranked by J.D. Power for the Highest Customer Satisfaction in the U.S. for eight consecutive years. 

While Quicken offers a smaller commission rate ($20 or less), it does make up for it by providing the most extended cookie duration, lasting over 90 days. 

Its unique networking tools and marketing techniques can help affiliates efficiently navigate its advertisement.

So sure, it doesn’t have the highest commission rates, but the duration cookie and efficient marking techniques can help you earn a good income. 

SoFi (Highest Commission Rate)


Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Commission Rate: $100-$150 Per Lead

SoFi’s diverse loan options include mortgages, investments, and banking. It also offers personal and student loan refinancing. 

Unlike some affiliate programs, SoFi offers more earning opportunities than just commissions for leads.

SoFi also pays for referral and recruitment to help extend the reach of its network further. 

Its cookie duration may be shorter, lasting only 30 Days, but its high commission more than makes up for it.

The Motley Fool (Most Well-Balanced Duration & Commission Combo)

Best Mortgage Affiliate Programs The Motley FoolThe Motley Fool

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Commission Rate: $100 Per Lead

The Motley Fool has less traditional offerings. It offers podcasts and books on top of investment opportunities. 

Besides the financing firm’s mutual investments and other premium funding subsidiaries, The Motley Fool offers guidance in investments and affiliate marketing. 

Its affiliate program, on the other hand, comes with a fair commission rate and cookie duration.

Lending Tree (Prominent Certified Loan & Lender Officer) 

Best Mortgage Affiliate Programs LendingTreeLending Tree

Cookie Duration: 14 Days

Commission Rate: $1- $70 Per Lead

The Lending Tree is more of a network than just mortgage investing opportunities. 

It helps clients generate more leads by getting them in touch with debtors from different sectors of various industries

So far, Lending Tree has 30 million subscribers who require loans.

While its commission rates are average, affiliate marketers can connect with a wider network that offers more opportunities.

Gabi Insurance (An Insurance Company Affiliation)

GabiGabi Insurance

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

Commission Rate: $5 Per Lead

Now, don’t get worked up about Gabi’s arguably lower commission rate. 

While it is much lower than all the others, Gabi’s leverage is its more comprehensive accommodations for its clients. 

Helping clients upgrade their current insurance policies by finding plans they might not have known suit their needs better, Gabi’s services sell like hotcakes.

And because of that, you can easily advertise it to your readers. 

Lexington Law (Affiliates Help Clients in Credit Repairs)

Best Mortgage Affiliate Programs LexingtonlawLexington Law

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Commission Rate: $65 Per Lead

Talk about credit repairs

Affiliates won’t have difficulty earning a good sum at $65 per lead.

Its cookie duration is standard at 30 days. Still, advocating for Americans nationwide to find solutions for repairing and elevating their credit is more than a “credit repair firm.” 

In a worldwide recession, credit scores are unfairly taking a nosedive. 

Affiliates can help their readers solve this problem by advertising the Lexington Law Program.

Better (Specializes in Mortgage Loans)


Cookie Duration: N/A

Commission Rate: $200 Per Lead

If you have visited their website, don’t be confused by their minimalist aesthetic. 

The company’s founder, Vishal Garg, is “reinventing the wheel” in its approach to loaning, and we think that’s the principle behind all its modesty. 

Debtors aren’t charged “pretentious fees” for unnecessary frills. Banks, insurers, lenders, and loan officers charge clients a surcharge for meetings, web design, work meals, and more. 

Better.com streamlines funding concisely and only charges clients a 1% interest

And as an affiliate, you can easily advertise this to your readers. And if they are interested and click your link, then that’s a $200 commission. 

What Do You Need to Join a Mortgage Affiliate Program? (Five Things You Need to Know to Be an Affiliate Marketer)

You’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing as one of the best ways to earn a passive income… but it’s not as “passive” as you think. 

Sure, it isn’t a nine-to-five job. However, you need to put the work in and not just leave it to earn by itself. 

It isn’t a money-making machine — not at first anyway.

That said, here are five things you need to know to become a successful affiliate marketer. 

1. Understand the Affiliate Marketing Concept

An affiliate marketing program is an agreement between the company and marketers. 

Agencies, influencers, solo agents, and marketers earn a commission from generating leads.

The point is to make a sale, but unlike sales agents, affiliates earn by generating leads that may lead to a sale, even if it doesn’t happen right away

Sales reps and sales agents earn larger commissions by closing sales. 

As an affiliate, you earn a smaller commission without closing a sale

Depending on your partnership, you can earn a commission by generating a lead that may lead to a sale in the future.

Your job’s inclination leans toward getting the word out there and gaining the brand more traction than making direct sales.

2. The Parties Involved in the Process and the Roles They Play

The products and services you are marketing aren’t your employers. 

You won’t work directly for the product’s company. A third-party agency or agent employs you. 

So here’s the breakdown –

  • The Product/Service Company – those who provide or manufacture products and services.
  • The Affiliate Program – an industry-specific platform that connects consumers to companies.
  • The Affiliate Marketers – agents, freelancers, and advertisers who create various content related to what the company sells.

It doesn’t always have to be directly related, and it isn’t always specific. Content marketers must generate leads without hard-selling products and services to consumers. 

Marketers may create content that solves problems that consumers never knew they had and may lead to sales for various products of certain companies.

3. How Are Affiliate Programs Different from Advertisements 

Advertisements are created specifically to sell products and services. 

We’ve all seen the billboards, TV ads, boosted posts on Social Media, and flyers. These are all selling specific products and services. 

Marketers sell an idea. They sell an idea that necessitates the brand’s products and services. 

Affiliate programs may sell a product or service directly, but affiliate marketers earn by leading potential consumers there. 

4. There are No Specific Requirements to Join an Affiliate Program

Unlike most employment, there aren’t many requirements for affiliates. 

Of course, you need specific know-how to navigate the industry you are entering into and what they offer today’s consumerism. 

Besides functional equipment and networks, you can learn more along the way.

5. Despite Affiliate Marketing’s Many PROS, there are CONS, too

It’s free and easy to join an affiliate program, but the cons are drawbacks you can’t control. 

You are dependent on the affiliate program’s agency and the companies they work for, and your workload will depend on how they fare in the market. 

When one company fails, the affiliate program you are partnered with will have less business to cater to, and you might have fewer opportunities to earn from your marketing services. 

Even when you do your job exceptionally well, your potential growth will still rely on those above you or those who have employed you. 

At some point, it does sound like a nine to five after all…

 Relax. You will still have more control over your time.


So those were the best mortgage affiliate programs out there. 

And also, now that you know what you need to know about affiliate marketing, it’s time to select the mortgage affiliate program and work on it. 

From there, you can earn commissions, as well as learn more about the mortgage industry. 

So what are you waiting for?

Pick a mortgage affiliate program today and get started.

Good luck!

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