February 20, 2022

The best WordPress hosting options for beginners are those that can carry you from the initial learning phases all the way through to having a high traffic website. As a beginner, you likely don’t have much of an understanding about how web servers even work. Fortunately, all you really need to know are the basics as there are so many hand-holding WordPress hosting options for beginners that will take care of just about everything for you,
with 24/7/365 help available whenever you need it. Sure, the cheapest WordPress hosting services will not offer this type of service, but if you’re willing to pay a few extra bucks per month, which I recommend, there are so many WordPress hosting options for beginners that will take care of everything.

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Why You Should Invest In The Best WordPress Hosting Options

For beginners especially, the “free” or “cheap” mistake is a common one. Some WordPress hosting options will offer free services for beginners, bloggers, or anyone looking to build a website with WordPress, and this usually sounds like a great option initially. Especially for beginners, who might not be quite sure what they’re doing or what they want out of a hosting provider, going with “free” could make them feel more comfortable with the whole idea of trying web building. The temptation should be resisted, however, and for a few reasons.

First and foremost, your website won’t have a nice and clean name, which could really affect how you’re found while potential readers are looking for your sort of content on search engines. Rather than a website domain like “mywebsite.com”, you’ll have something like “mywebsite.wordpress.com” or “mywebsite.providername.com”, which just doesn’t have that clean and memorable sound. Websites with domains such as these are also considered less trustworthy than a nice and clean name. Here is an article I wrote on why a great domain name is so important and how to choose one.

The Best WordPress Hosting Options For BeginnersNext, you’ll typically have to follow the hosting provider’s own, potentially strict, terms of service. This could mean not being able to use paid advertisements or represent sponsorships, which can be a big deal breaker for bloggers or even lose everything at a moment’s notice. Some of these free WordPress hosting options for beginners can shut down your website completely at their own discretion, so one day you could lose all of the hard work you’ve put in with no recourse.

You’ll also lose out on features and, coincidentally, ease of use with a free provider. Many don’t allow plug-ins or limit plug-ins, so that simple membership plug-in, the subscription plug-in, or the plug-in that aids your search engine visibility are a no-go. The building tools offered are also limited, and you may find that opting for a free provider is actually much more confusing than investing in the best WordPress hosting options for beginners. You won’t be able to play with your themes as much, and making something that is truly your own, and easily, can be difficult.

Lastly, and most importantly, you’ll be experiencing a lack of support with free providers. In those beginning stages of your WordPress website or blog, you’re probably going to have a lot of questions. I know that I required support while mastering that learning curve. With the free WordPress hosting options, support is extremely limited, so if you run into problems, you’re going to have to figure the solutions out for yourself. When you invest in a great paid WordPress hosting service for beginners, you’re also investing in stellar and helpful customer support.

WPengine WordPress Hosting

What Are The Best WordPress Hosting Options For Beginners?

WP Engine is, hands down, the best WordPress hosting for beginners for a few reasons. At first, while you’re just starting out, you may not want to make a big investment while you’re still figuring things out, especially for affiliate marketers or bloggers. You might be trying something new you’re not too sure if you want to stick with yet, or just how to make successful, so you’ll want to keep your investment on the minimum side. With WP Engine, you have plenty of differently scaled packages to choose from, so you can start out slow, get the hang of things, and then scale up your package as you scale up your website or blog. When you scale up, you don’t lose your website or all your hard work, but instead just naturally grow your website, your offerings, and what you get from WP Engine.

WP Engine has a plethora of offerings for beginner WordPress builders, in particular, some of which include:

  • WordPress Content Management System – If you don’t have a web developer to work on your website, it’s no problem. With WordPress Content Management Systems, you can create those custom digital experiences you want without working with a specific developer.
  • All day everyday support – Whether you run into a problem or have a question on a Tuesday at 2pm, or a Saturday at 1am, you’re always covered. WP Engine offers support without limits, and all of your questions are answered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and even on holidays. Should you run into a problem with your website, like you find it’s down or pulling some sort of error, support has you covered no matter what.
  • Content support – For bloggers in particular, your content is your website. Whether you’re in affiliate marketing or you’re looking to run a sponsored blog, you can’t expect to make a return on your investment without the content to back it up. WP Engine offers content support with Google Analytics, so you can know exactly what content is working for you to drive organic traffic, and what is not. You can use these tools to help to develop and evolve your WordPress website, and always provide your audiences with just what they want.
  • Scalability – Your website or blog might start off small, but the whole goal is to make it grow. The best WordPress hosting options for beginners will provide easy and smooth scalability to make your growth a natural and stress-free thing. WP Engine uses scalable architecture that keeps your website or blog running with lightning fast speed whether you’re experiencing 10 organic visits per day, 100 organic visits per day, or visits in the thousands.

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