February 2, 2022

The internet is filled with opportunities for those who truly know how to capitalize on it. But while there are plenty of very legitimate options available, there are also plenty of less reputable programs available. For those willing to invest their time and energy into it, affiliate websites could be one of the best choices out there. But do affiliate websites make money? And just how much do they make, realistically?

The short answer is simple – yes, affiliate marketing sites can start earning you money. But there’s much more to it than that, and if you’re asking yourself ‘do affiliate websites make money?’, there’s a lot more that you need to know.

Do Affiliate Websites Make Money?

Do Affiliate Websites Make Money? If So, How Much?

Let’s get this basic question out of the way before we go any further – do affiliate websites make money? Yes, they absolutely do. But a more important question is – do affiliate websites make money without me putting in much effort? The answer to that is an emphatic ‘no’.

That’s because of the key difference between affiliate websites and other online money making opportunities – affiliate marketing isn’t promising you thousands of dollars overnight, with no effort on your part. And, if you really think about it, those ‘opportunities’ promising a get rich quick plan are almost always lying. You can’t get something for nothing. Instead, affiliate marketing websites are actually a legitimate source of income and a career or business opportunity that deserves your attention. If you don’t treat it as a real, legitimate business, the chances for success are low.

There are resources out there designed to help, of course. Checking out sites like WealthyAffiliate.com will be the first step towards understanding just what it is that you need to do and how to go about turning your efforts into profit. So, do affiliate websites make money? Yes – but only if you put in the time, effort, and education needed for them to earn.

Some affiliate marketers actually show how much they earn on a monthly basis. My favorite is Patt Flynn. You can see his earnings here. Matthew Woodward also shares his income which you can view here. If you don’t believe those income reports, check out real affiliate marketing websites for sale on Empire Flippers and just see for yourself how much some of them are selling for. So yes, affiliate marketing certainly is a legitimate business with websites that earn quite a bit of income. Affiliate Marketing as an industry has reached approximately $12 Billion dollars for 2022. This is no small industry!

How Do Affiliate Websites Make Money?

This is the next obvious question, and the key to understanding how to start earning income from your online efforts. So, how do affiliate websites make money, exactly? It’s a fairly straightforward process that can almost be thought of in terms of outsourcing workload. Essentially, companies will allow affiliate marketers to market their products and services for them. In this model, you – the affiliate marketer – use your website and online presence to send customers to the main company’s website, who then pays you a commission of the sale that you send to them.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

In order for your website to be successful and actually make you money, the people that you send to the main page have to make a purchase. Just a click through isn’t enough in an affiliate program.

This offers benefits to affiliate marketers and the companies they work for:

  • The companies can reach new people through your efforts, letting them gain advertising in ways they couldn’t have before.
  • You can use the products and services that are offered to make money for yourself without having to go through the hassles of opening a full-fledged business. No overhead, no inventory, no staff, no nothing – just you, using your affiliate site to market products that you care about.

The more conversions you direct to the main website, the more you earn. Over time, you can quickly turn your site into a money making company. Once you understand the basics of just how do affiliate websites make money, you can take the next steps.

Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money

Some Tips To Remember

Once you understand the basics and know that the answer to the question ‘do affiliate websites make money?’ is a big ‘yes!’, the next step is starting the process of earning money for yourself. There are a few key things to keep in mind here.



    • First, remember that your website is the key to making sure that you are able to earn the best possible amount of income from your efforts. A solid website is well designed, provides plenty of information, is easy to navigate, and offers you the ability to edit it and review analytical data easily. Building a website doesn’t have to be difficult, either. With the right tools you’ll be able to create one with little overall effort. You can visit WealthyAffiliate.com to gain access to the best tools for the job.



    • Also, keep in mind that you have options and can build your website and affiliate marketing efforts around practically anything. There are thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of products that fall into affiliate marketing programs, and finding the ones that you love means being able to stay motivated and focused on your efforts.



    • Another key thing to remember is simply to have patience and confidence in yourself. You won’t suddenly get rich overnight by using any affiliate program. Instead, it takes time to carefully build your online presence and create a website that is earning you money. It can take months to finally start turning a profit, but once you reach that point you’ll be able to consistently bring in income. You should look at the process as creating a business like any other – it takes time to start earning. However, if you’re serious about working from home and bringing in extra money, this is an excellent option.



    • You can also find support to help you. Whether you just need an encouraging word, or are looking for answers to a question, the internet is filled with communities of affiliate marketers who are earning money and can help you see how to. Social media communities and groups are one option, but you can also visit WealthyAffiliate.com to access a community filled with people just like you – people who know that affiliate marketing works.



So, do affiliate websites make money? Absolutely, as long as you give them the time and attention that you would provide to any other business endeavor. If you’ll approach this as the legitimate business it is, you could start seeing your bank account grow within a few months – all by talking about products that you love and are passionate about. It’s a viable online opportunity, and one that deserves more attention from everyone.

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