February 20, 2022

If you are an affiliate marketer, chances are pretty good you utilize social media for your marketing techniques. And why not? Social media is where literally billions of people spend their time online. Using Google as a way to gain traffic is great, but to ignore Facebook and Twitter is marketing suicide these days. However, Facebook engagement from your followers is crucial to your success.

Facebook in particular is a phenomenal source of potential website traffic. With the right plan, you can even market products and services entirely on Facebook without ever having to utilize your website. With a few Facebook engagement techniques, you can dominate your niche. If you want to get my full social media marketing plan, check out the same training program I used to find success online.

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What Is “Facebook Engagement?”

Before I tell you about this awesome little trick, we have to define what Facebook Engagement actually is. Basically, Facebook engagement is when someone interacts with a post you’ve made by either liking the post, commenting, or sharing. By itself, this type of engagement might not seem all that valuable. After all, you’re an affiliate marketer, so you are likely only interested in something if it can earn you a profit. Fair enough – and Facebook engagement certainly does help you profit. Here’s how…

Facebook uses an algorithm to determine which posts are the most interesting and Facebook engagement is a huge part of the algorithm. This algorithm is known as Edgerank. If you want to learn more about how Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm works, check out this website. But in short, the more engagement your post has, the more news feeds your post will show up on.

You probably know by now that just because you post an update on your Facebook page, that doesn’t mean all of your subscribers will see it. Facebook will only send out your post to a small handful of followers to judge their reaction and determine the amount of Facebook engagement your visitors are taking action on. No Facebook engagement means your post has a low Edgerank. High engagement means you have a higher Edgerank. If your Edgerank gets high enough, you will not only get in front of more potential customers, but you’ll also have your post shown to friends of those who follow you, possibly attracting more followers in the process.

Bottom line: As an affiliate marketer, having a high Edgerank in Facebook will give you more exposure and more exposure equals more sales. The only way you can increase you Facebook Edgerank score is to increase the amount of engagement you get from your Facebook followers.

What Is Facebook Edgerank And Why Should You Care?

The #1 Best Kept Secret For Boosting Engagement On Facebook

If you follow this one simple little trick I’m about to show you, it could potentially quadruple your Facebook engagement. It’s so easy, you might not even believe what I’m about to tell you, but you can go to your Facebook account and try this today. It really does work! The larger your following, the more noticeable it will be.

Now, I have to give a little disclaimer here. While I wouldn’t say “the word is out” about this little trick, since I’m mentioning it here in my blog, this information is now public. The more people who figure this out, the more Facebook will notice this loophole being taken advantage of. As of this post, this trick is still working. Use it while it lasts!

So here it is…

When you make a post, do not link back to your website inside the post! This might seem a bit counter-productive (you probably want to drive traffic to your website from Facebook), but stick with me for a second.

Let’s say I wanted to make a post on Facebook to get people to visit this very page you’re reading right now (the ultimate in Facebook engagement – free website traffic). Here’s what I’d do…

First, I would find an eye-catching photo. This needs to be good, but it does not need to be relevant to what my article is actually about. I’m going to say that again, the image you choose for your post does not have to be relevant to your article or website. All your image needs to do is catch someones eye and get them to look at the written content in your post. A relevant image is fine, but its main purpose is to grab peoples attention.

Once I have an eye-catching image, I would create a catchy post like, “I’m officially revealing my secret trick to quadrupling Facebook engagement! Link is in the comments!”

Notice how I said the link is in the comments? There’s the secret part of this trick. By placing a link in the comments instead of directly in your post, you will get more engagement. Not only will people naturally engage more with your post, but Facebook gives you an immediate Edgerank boost, so it’s a double-whammy.

Seriously, give this a shot! Then, come back and report how it went in the comments box below!

Have fun!!

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