February 20, 2022

Multi-level marketing is one of the most popular opportunities available today. There are numerous paths you can take within this field, and each one will lead you to potential success. Luckily, there are so many options that it’s easy for you to find a career path that interests you.

Want to get involved in fitness? Passionate about essential oils and natural health? There are opportunities out there for you. All you have to do is take advantage of them. But for many, the first year in network marketing is something that can be very difficult. There are numerous challenges that can make it hard to stick with it and reach your goals. Luckily, several tips can make it easier to achieve your goals. Here are some of the things to remember.

*** Importaint Disclaimer About Multi-Level Marketing ***
I need to be very clear about something up front. I have never and probably would never recommend multi-level marketing to my own friends and family. I am not a fan of multi-level marketing for many reasons and I believe for the same time and effort affiliate marketing is a far better way to go. Here is an article I wrote on Affiliate Marketing vs. Multi-Level Marketing. I decided to create this article for those of you who just feel that MLM is the best option. If I can’t talk you out of it, it is worth at least giving you some pointers.

Check out the video below for my true feelings on MLM before proceeding…

Accept The Realities

The first step to success is entirely mental, and begins before you ever start contacting leads or placing your first order. The first step? Accepting the realities that come with network marketing through online marketing companies means understanding a few basic things:

  • You won’t become a millionaire in your first year (and probably not ever)
  • You can’t find success by working a couple of hours a week
  • You will have to put forth time, effort, and financial investments in order to succeed
  • You will have to become outgoing and be willing to interact with others daily
  • You’ll have to make some sacrifices in terms of your free time and social interactions
  • You’ll need to already be an impeccable networker and salesperson or learn how to become one

In short, you need to understand that while some online marketing companies will make wild promises of riches gained through little effort, or those ‘earn hundreds each week from home’ promises, the reality is that this is a business. If you don’t approach it as a business, failure will be close behind.

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Dedicate Yourself

Once you accept the challenges that are associated with the process of network marketing and working with online marketing companies, you’ll have to take the next step – dedicating yourself to your business.

The key thing here is to understand that you’re opening your own company, not working like a normal employee. And one thing that any business owner will tell you is that when you own your own business, you work constantly. If you want to succeed, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to the entire process and that means being willing to work longer hours, put in a lot more energy and effort, learning how to do things more efficiently than your competition, and more.

Also remember that the first year of a multi-level marketer’s business is the most difficult. Be willing to persevere through that initial year if you want to start really reaching success. Dedication is important, and you need to commit to your company if you want to thrive.

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Start With Your Warm Leads

Your warm leads are your initial bread and butter when it comes to your affiliate marketing. These are those people that you know and interact with throughout your life. For example, warm leads could include:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Coworkers
  • Professionals you encounter daily like baristas, mailmen, or others

In short, anyone that you speak to and have at least a slight relationship with are considered warm leads because you’ve already broken the ice and warmed them up – they know you, and people are more likely to enter a business relationship with those that they know.

These warm leads are able to provide you with a lot. Beyond just giving you some potential sales or prospects for your business team, warm leads are great because they help you learn the art of making a sale and delivering your pitch. Being able to take these steps with those that you’re comfortable with is the best way to prepare yourself for the process of generating leads and making conversions and feeling confident in the process.

Now, a lot of people don’t like the idea of hitting up friends or family members to buy products or join some network to sell products. I happen to be one of those people. The last thing I want to do is be a salesman to my mother, father, friends, extended family, coworkers, etc. With that said, if you’re dead set on MLM, these will likely be your first customers.

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Learn To Generate New Leads

This brings us to the next part, which is the process of generating leads and turning them into conversions. This is something that many new multi-level marketers struggle with, primarily because it often means that they have to take steps that they’ve never taken before. Generating leads often involves numerous steps that many aren’t used to taking.

It’s a process that has to be mastered over time, but some tips can be remembered and they include:

  • Use any opportunity to make a connection – from an elevator conversation to the clerk at the store.
  • Identify needs and solve problems for those that are interested in your products or services. Find what it is that your potential lead is trying to accomplish and show them what your company offers.
  • Develop a blast pitch that allows you to showcase your company in 30 seconds or less. This makes it easier to translate leads into conversions by explaining what your business is all about without losing interest.


VIDEO: What Is An Elevator Sales Pitch?


Master Technology

Perhaps the best way to connect with leads is to utilize technology. The internet allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere. Some options that you can’t ignore include:



  • Social Media Using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allows you to potentially connect with those who are even vaguely interested in what you’re offering to the public. Social media lets you enhance your brand and reach more leads than ever.




  • Website Your website is your online face. It’s a business card, a brochure, and a contact point all rolled into one. Be sure that you create a stunning site that provides plenty of information visitors can use.




  • Blogs A blog lets you keep delivering new information to your readers, establish yourself as a leader in your brand, and more. It can also help improve SEO for your website, and is an important tool that can’t be ignored.




  • Email Email marketing remains important, and crafting good emails is important for building stronger relationships and keeping your visitors, clients, customers, and team members informed as well as motivated about what you’re offering to them.


What’s Right For You

Essentially, your multi-level marketing efforts are the most challenging throughout the first year or so of your business’ life. Keep the points above in mind and you’ll move towards better success with it.

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