Creating your first affiliate marketing website doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you’ve never created an affiliate marketing website before, it can seem intimidating. Do you hire someone to build the site for you? Do you use one of the “drag and drop” website builders out there? Should you learn computer code? Is a WordPress website better than other web building platforms out there? These are just a few of the questions that are probably running through your head.

Well, let’s take some of the guesswork out. I’ve been a full-time affiliate marketer for several years now and each year my business grows and grows through residual income. I live and work literally wherever I want, when I want, as long as I want, and I do not sell any of my own products. How awesome is that?!

Before we get into this, make sure you understand how affiliate marketing works. Once you have a firm understanding of the affiliate marketing business model, I can help answer some of your many questions.

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An Affiliate Marketing Website Is More Than Just A Digital Brochure

First Affiliate Marketing WebsiteOne of the biggest mistakes new affiliate marketers make is they simply create an affiliate marketing website that looks like a digital brochure. They might find a great affiliate marketing program that pays out huge commissions, so they create a 10 page website talking about all the great things that product or service has to offer. They might even create some YouTube videos and comment on blog posts just to get some added exposure.

If you’ve already tried doing this, you know it doesn’t work. And unfortunately, this is enough to get most affiliate marketers to give up all together.

Your Website Must Provide Value

In order to construct a great affiliate marketing website that attracts tons of free visitors and actually makes you money, there is a process you must go through first. This process is called the CTPM Process. Here is what CTPM stands for:

  • C = Content
  • T = Traffic
  • P = Pre-Sell
  • M = Monetize

Notice something interesting here? Monetizing is the LAST part of the CTPM process, not the first! Most new affiliate marketers put the M first and that’s why they fail. Now that you know this, you can avoid making the same mistake.

In short, you must create excellent content, which will drive high quality traffic to your site from free search engines, at which point you can “pre-sell” those visitors by giving them so much awesome information that when you make a product or service recommendation, they are happy to buy. THAT is when you can monetize.

Building Your Affiliate Website Is Like Building A Small Business

I wish I could promise you an easy way to build an affiliate marketing website and start making money by tonight. I can’t. There are plenty of “guru’s” out there who promise get rich quick methods. Of course, 99.99999% of those are scams. If you want to find that needle in the haystack, good luck. Over several years I’m still searching for that get rich quick jackpot.

On the other hand, if you actually want to build a legitimate business, that is entirely achievable as long as you’re willing to put in just a little time and effort. Easy? No. Doable? Absolutely.

And I can promise you this. Once you see those residual payments coming in, all that effort will be totally worth it. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check my phone to see how much money I made while I slept. When I go on vacation, I will still get paid, even though I’m doing no work. It’s incredible and YOU can have this lifestyle too. You just need some guidance.

To successfully develop your first affiliate marketing website that will actually make you some residual cash, there are two options I will recommend.

Option #1: Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Several years ago, I was a broke college student in debt up to my eyeballs. I couldn’t even afford my own place. Instead, I became a full time over-the-road truck driver. I was working 70 to 80hrs+ per week, away from home for weeks or even months at a time, and was living in a space the size of a walk-in closet. To make matters worse, I was getting paid chump change.

Something had to change.

Like you, I didn’t know anything about building an affiliate marketing website and I had no idea affiliate marketing even existed. But somehow, I found a service called Wealthy Affiliate and my life was changed forever.

So what exactly does Wealthy Affiliate do? They offer step-by-step affiliate training and guarantee you will profit in the first 90 days, or your money back. From registering a domain name to handling your web hosting to providing research tools and even giving you a super simple drag and drop interface to develop your affiliate marketing website, they have over 80 tools to assist you in growing not just a digital brochure, but an affiliate business.

After less than 1 year going through their program, I quit my job as a truck driver. After about 18 months, I was earning a 6 figure income for the first time in my life (more than double what I had ever made before). To say I am still loyal to them is a drastic understatement, and that’s why I recommend their course even over my own affiliate marketing course (we’ll get to that in a sec).

Do yourself a favor and watch this video overview of how their program works. As long as you follow their Action Guide and have at least 10 hours per week to spend on your business, I have no doubt you can quit your day job within’ the first year.

Option #2: Sign Up For The Same Exact Training Course I Used To Become Successful Online

Ever since going through the course at Wealthy Affiliate, my business has grown and grown. Even though many of my affiliate marketing websites still use their platform and I still use their methods, I have been able to expand quite a bit. For example, I taught myself how to develop a website through WordPress (this website uses WordPress, for example). While WordPress can be a little intimidating, it’s much easier than most people think. In this training course, I show you through step-by-step video instructions how to set up your first affiliate marketing website by using WordPress.

But I get into much more detail than that. Before we even set up your affiliate marketing website, I show you how to come up with a great topic for your site, structure and plan your website by developing a website blueprint (like a business plan), how to find products and services to promote, and also how to drive a pile of free traffic to your site, which you can then turn into paying customers for your affiliate clients.

Click here to sign up right now or just use any of the sign-up forms you see on the site.

It doesn’t really matter which option you go with or even if you decide to go through a training program not mentioned here. The point is, if you’re serious about starting an affiliate marketing website, you need some guidance to steer you in the right direction. Once you start seeing real commissions rolling in, the rest will be history. Simply repeat the process as many times as you want and make it your full-time income.

Trust me, if I can do this, so can you. While creating an affiliate marketing website does take a little knowhow and a little work, it is achievable by anyone.