February 20, 2022

In previous articles, I wrote a full Wealthy Affiliate review and talked about some of the scammy things that Wealthy Affiliate does to increase sales. In this article, I’d like to cover some of my biggest Wealthy Affiliate complaints.

As with my other articles about Wealthy Affiliate, I do want to be 100% upfront with you. I am an affiliate marketer for Wealthy Affiliate. That means, if you click on any of my links to Wealthy Affiliate such as this one and end up making a purchase, I receive a commission.

So doesn’t that mean I have a vested financial interest in convincing you to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate? Absolutely it does!

With that said, this will NOT just be one big sales pitch for Wealthy Affiliate. As a very active member of Wealthy Affiliate, I do have some complaints and there are some people who I would never recommend Wealthy Affiliate to. So, if you’re thinking about signing up, this wll be a good overview.

My Top Wealthy Affiliate Complaint – Their Advertising Methods

Since you’re on this page, I’m going to assume that you’ve been researching Wealthy Affiliate to find out if it’s worth signing up for. What you’ve likely noticed is that just about every search results in Google has overwhelmingly positive reviews of Wealthy Affiliate. There are literally hundreds of pages out there, all touting how wonderful Wealthy Affiliate is.

This is probably my biggest complaint about Wealthy Affiliate. While I generally like Wealthy Affiliate, they push pretty hard to have new members write positive reviews about the service. And since what Wealthy Affiliate actually does work, all of these sites rank really well in the search results.

Even if you search for “Wealthy Affiliate complaints” or “is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?” you’ll simply be met with positive reviews all over the place. If you want to learn more about how Wealthy Affiliate has been able to do this, you can read my more detailed article about this marketing strategy here.

So one of my biggest Wealthy Affiliate complaints isn’t even about the service, but more how the service is advertized. It’s very difficult for anyone to do unbiased independent research on Wealthy Affiliate because all of the reviews and search phrases related to Wealthy Affiliate are all affiliate marketers who just want to make a commission.

The Wealthy Affiliate Activity Ranking System Needs To Be Changed

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints Rankings

One aspect of Wealthy Affiliate that I really enjoy is the social aspect of it. In addition to hosting, keyword research tools, and badass training, Wealthy Affiliate is like one huge social media network for affiliate marketers. Being able to network and bounce ideas off of thousands of other website owners is fantastic.

However, Wealthy Affiliate assigns every member a ranking based on how active they are within’ the community. Moving up in the rankings can give you some added perks and benefits as a reward for being active. Again, it sounds all well and good, but this means a lot of people comment on things just for the sake of commenting without really adding any benefit. They just want to boost their ranking by being “active”.

What ends up happening is you get a ton of people who just post random comments like “good job!” or “this was interesting!” instead of actually posting something of substance. I understand why Wealthy Affiliate has their member rank system in place as it does spark people to be more active in the community, but there are just too many low-quality comments from people that really have nothing to add, just so they can get some fake internet points and have a higher rank at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Tries To Push The Make Money Online (MMO) Niche To Newbies

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints Training

Of all my Wealthy Affiliate complaints, this is perhaps the one that bugs me the most. Wealthy Affiliate does a great job showing people how to perform keyword research and choose a great niche industry to start a website on.

Unfortunately, Wealthy Affiliate also takes advantage of the fact most new affiliate marketers have a really hard time deciding on a niche. So what do they suggest if you can’t decide on a niche? Promote Wealthy Affiliate, of course!

The reason this is one of my biggest Wealthy Affiliate complaints is because brand new affiliate marketers have no business being in the make money online space. For starters, the MMO niche is really hard to rank for in search engines. And secondly, someone who has never actually made money online has no business telling others how to make money online. It just really bugs me that Wealthy Affiliate tries to persuade new members into promoting Wealthy Affiliate as I think that is putting their own interests ahead of members interests.

It works really well for them because Wealthy Affiliate really does have a great affiliate marketing program if you do choose to promote their product. If you do decide to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, go through their niche and industry research training to find a niche industry outside of the make money online space. Your chances of success will be much higher.

Wealthy Affiliate Has No Real Competition

Sure, there are tons of people selling courses and training programs that will supposedly help you make money online, but Wealthy Affiliate has an all-in-one package that is really unique and specific for those who want to become affiliate marketers. I feel if Wealthy Affiliate has some competition or a platform that competed against them, it would help spur improvements and innovations. At this point, though, there really isn’t any other program that shows people how to become affiliate marketers step-by-step with everything they need including. They do compete with a company called Solo Build It! which is somewhat similar but they are on a much smaller scale.

Most of the other affiliate marketing programs out there only offer a fraction of what you need. Some may have great training but lack the resources you need to succeed. Others may have all the resources you need but lack the training. Wealthy Affiliate has everything, and I wish there were more companies that did that to get some competition going.

Wealthy Affiliate Doesn’t Have The Best Refund Policy

My personal belief is that if you’re providing a high-quality service, it should be easy to get a refund if you’re not satisfied. However, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t see it that way. Fortunately, they do have a freemium model and you can try Wealthy Affiliate without giving them any payment information, but once you do upgrade to premium, there are no refunds given. You can cancel your membership at any time and you can choose to pay monthly or yearly, but once you’ve paid, getting that money refunded is not the easiest thing in the world. Very few people that I have referred to Wealthy Affiliate ever ask for a refund, but it’s happened a couple of times and some people have been very disappointed that they can’t get a refund on purchased products.

Sign Up For The FREE Wealthy Affiliate Membership First

Wealthy Affiliate Scam

In spite of my Wealthy Affiliate complaints, I don’t know of any service that does a better job teaching new affiliate marketers how to start their own online business. No product or service is perfect, and Wealthy Affiliate is no exception, but overall most of the people I talk to in the Wealthy Affiliate community absolutely love it and think it’s worth the money since everything you need to run your business is included at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you do sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, just sign up for the free account first. This is one of the many things that Wealthy Affiliate does correctly. They don’t ask for any payment information when you first sign up. Try it out for yourself for a full week and if you think it’s worth the money, upgrade to premium. Otherwise, you can walk away without risking or losing out on anything.

Get Free Coaching From Me At Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints Messages

As I mentioned earlier, I’m an affiliate marketer for Wealthy Affiliate. Just because I have a few Wealthy Affiliate complaints doesn’t mean I don’t like the service or am unwilling to promote them.

I actually do pretty well selling Wealthy Affiliate subscriptions, too. Here is my latest payment that I received from Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

When I first started this site, my plan was to release my own affiliate marketer training program that I could sell. I gave up on that idea though because Wealthy Affiliate just does it so much better than I can, plus I can still help provide one-on-one coaching to anyone who signs up using my affiliate link.

If you use any of my affiliate links like this one, I am immediately notified that you signed up using my referral link. You’ll receive an automated message from me, letting you know that I offer free coaching for everyone who signed up using my link. So, if you do decide to sign up, create a free account using this link so we can connect and start chatting in the Wealthy Affiliate portal. This is a huge perk and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

In any case, I really don’t have to many Wealthy Affiliate complaints. There are a few minor issues that bug me, but overall, Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic product that I recommend even to my closest friends and family.

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