February 20, 2022

If you’ve decided to become an affiliate marketer and build your own website or a blog, you’re probably pretty overwhelmed with the beginning of the process. There’s a lot to learn in building a successful affiliate business, and you want to make sure your efforts pay off with views, visitors, and plenty of organic search engine traffic.

Your first step should be finding the best WordPress web hosting websites, as these will be the providers you place in charge of actually putting your content on the web.

This is especially important for beginners and those who don’t have knowledge of how to run a web server. While you may be tempted to find the cheapest WordPress hosting service you can, I strongly recommend you do almost the opposite. You don’t need the most expensive hosting service, but you do need a web host that will handle all of your hosting needs for you. There’s enough for you to learn and do as it is, so outsourcing to a great WordPress hosting company to handle all the backend aspects of your business is crucial.



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Is A WordPress Web Hosting Website A Necessity?

WordPress web hosting is an absolute necessity when building any sort of WordPress website or blog. Even if you use free blogging services, they’re hosting your blog as part of your subscription, and every single website you see on the web today uses some type of hosting in order to put their content on your screen.

Have you ever wondered why some blogs or websites are slower or experience more lags? It’s all in the WordPress web hosting websites they use. These websites probably use hosting services whose servers cannot quite handle the amount of traffic the website is experiencing, and it’s the reason you may experience errors, delays, or the need to refresh. For instance, if you go on the website of your favorite store on a big day when a popular new product drops, and you experience a bit more lag than usual, it’s due to the hosting provider and their server being unable to handle so much traffic at once.

Make no mistake, site speed and load times are essential for proper SEO. Having a slow running website on a cheap WordPress hosting service will absolutely decrease the amount of traffic you could be getting. This is not something you want to cheap out on.

WPengine WordPress Hosting

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Website

What Are The Best WordPress Web Hosting Websites For Beginners?There are a ton of WordPress web hosting websites out there, which can really be a daunting experience for beginners. The best way to choose the hosting provider that will serve you best is typically researching reviews and testimonials from beginners using particular providers, and comparing them to find which will best serve your particular needs. Begin with a simple search, gather some reviews, and spend time comparing and contrasting what previous or current customers have to say about various beginner-focused packages.

I know how difficult going through this research and choosing process can be, so I’ve compiled the top 3 best WordPress web hosting websites for you to start with. Each of these have been top rated by beginners in WordPress and website or blog building, and come from various industries. Affiliate marketers, sponsored bloggers, e-commerce shops, and big brands all have to start somewhere, and these 3 WordPress web hosting websites are a great place for you to make your beginning.



WP Engine

WP Engine WordPress Hosting

WP Engine has a lot to offer beginners, and a big plus not offered by every beginner friendly web hosting provider is that they can carry you from start to success. WP Engine makes the initial building of your website simple, and if you already have a website or blog you’ve started before deciding to switch hosting providers, migration is kept incredibly simple.

If you’re going through the website or blog building process with WordPress through WP Engine, and not migrating an already existing beginner website, their customer service is a huge help. Customer care responds to your messages 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and on every holiday, so your questions are never left unanswered. If something comes up at 3am on a Saturday, you can trust you won’t have to wait until the business day begins on Monday. Not only does this benefit your building process, but it also provides great relief during those times there are problems on your website that need fixing right away.

WP Engine also offers scalable and innovative architecture, which allows your site to grow right along with you. With a simple change of your subscription plan, your website can be hosted to best suit audiences of all sizes. Your needs will be met while you’re just starting out, and as you grow in popularity, your website or blog will still run smoothly and quickly for all of your followers, customers, or visitors.

WP Engine also offers content assistance, which is an incredible benefit to beginning bloggers. This content assistance provided by Google Analytics tools helps you to monitor your content to determine what is really working for you and what’s not, so you’re always on top of how your blog or website should grow and progress. Bloggers rely heavily on their content to attract readers and subscribers, and WP Engine gives beginner bloggers no worry that they’re going about their blog content in the best possible way.

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iPage WordPress Hosting

iPage is another of the great WordPress web hosting websites for beginners, and one of the more affordable options. While the packages offered by iPage are relatively bare-bones when compared to feature-filled WP Engine, they’re simple and suitable for the beginner in WordPress.

A free site builder will help you step-by-step in building your website or blog, and free shopping cart tools make this a simple choice for those in retail looking to make their way into the e-commerce market. The easy setup is also backed up by reliability customers really count on according to subscriber reviews. While iPage includes a free domain name with their hosting services, this only lasts for 1 year and must be paid for separately after your first year is up.

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For those who have no interest in WordPress, Wix requires no coding skills to build your website or blog, and with a simple drag and drop format, it allows anyone to build a custom digital experience with limited knowledge. This simple learning curve is perfect for beginners, and it allows them to learn the more complex parts of website building on their own time and improve their existing website as they see fit.

Wix is also a great choice for WordPress web hosting websites for those just breaking into e-commerce with simple shop builds and included cart tools. From blogging to creating an online presence for your brick and mortar store, Wix makes beginner website building and hosting a simple learning experience anyone can get the hang of.

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