February 20, 2022

I have been a full-time affiliate marketer for several years, so I can say with certainty that it is a legitimate industry with piles of cash to be made. Unfortunately, various types of affiliate marketing scams exist as well. In this article, I will go over the different types of affiliate marketing scams that exist and how to avoid getting caught up in them.


Finding The Best Affiliate Marketer Training Programs

Avoiding Affiliate Marketing ScamsWhen you’re new to affiliate marketing, consider signing up for an affiliate training program offered by a larger and more well-known company such as MySiteSell.com. As a rookie in the industry, you won’t be able to identify affiliate marketing scams as easily and you don’t really know who the industry leaders are yet. A lot of people will try to sell you a training course, ebook, or some sort of special membership with promises of success. Many times their sales pitches sound quite convincing. Unfortunately, many of them are just complete affiliate marketing scams or are borderline scams. Most of these guys have no idea what they are doing, but they sure can convince you otherwise.

I’ll give you a personal example. I was browsing around on the Warrior Forum and saw a special course being offered. The promise was a big one. For just $9.99, I could have access to a “super secret” way of gaining 10,000 visitors per day to my website. A secret that all the big companies know about but keep under wraps.

The secret? Purchase advertising through adf.ly. They boasted about how you can get visitors to your site for less than 1 cent per customer. Sure sounds amazing, right?

Well, every experienced affiliate marketer knows what a waste of time advertising through ad.fly is. People are basically forced to look at a page on your site for 5 seconds through a popup window on another (probably unrelated) website. Oh, and if you want to get those visitors for less than 1 cent per visitor, you better allow anyone in the World to view your ad. So basically, you get a flood of 10,000 visitors from countries that have a completely different language. If you want to target a specific country, you’re going to pay for it, but the results will be about the same. You won’t make one single sale.

So yes, they did “teach” me how to get 10,000 visitors to my website for very cheap every day, but their little “strategy” would do nothing to help my business.

This is just one of many ways you can get scammed by signing up for a low quality course. Once again, I highly recommend you sign up for the course offered at MySiteSell.com – a course backed by a multi-million dollar corporation that has been around for more than a dozen years.

If you don’t have the funds to sign up for the course over at MySiteSell.com, consider trying out the same training program I used to make money online. I can at least get you off to a good start and from there, you will be better equipped to find any training program you need after that.

Additional Info On Finding The Best Affiliate Marketer Training Programs

Get Rich Quick Is A Guaranteed Affiliate Marketing Scam

If anyone promises you can make a ton of money this month by using their super awesome affiliate marketing secrets, you should run (not walk) away. First of all, let’s assume you had some crazy “system” that allowed you to earn millions without really doing any work at all. Would you tell other people how to do that, or just do it yourself over and over again? If you did tell other people how to earn an unlimited amount of money for virtually no work, how much would you sell your “system” for? It would probably be more than a $9.99 ebook or even a $1,000 training program. Don’t assume anyone else is different. Those who have truly found passive income streams with no work involved are keeping those secrets to themselves (and not many of those people actually exist). These guys make their money selling you empty promises, not with any “system” they are using.

In order to sign up for a legitimate affiliate marketer training program, you should find a program that teaches BUSINESS. That’s all affiliate marketing is. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it isn’t business. You need a business plan, a strategy, and a solid plan on a sturdy foundation before you can even begin. I teach this and more in this e-course.


Is Multi-Level Marketing A Scam?


Don’t Trust Income Reports

Get Rich QuickSome income reports are legit, but until you know the real affiliate marketing players out there, you can’t be sure if those reports are doctored or not. Unfortunately, it is a very common scam to use photoshopped income reports, bank statements, etc. Some even go as far as creating cloned websites that look like PayPal accounts or bank accounts. That way, they can create a video logging in and checking their account. Many of these are totally bogus.

Since I’ve been in the industry for a while, there is only ONE person I completely trust about how much money they make as an affiliate marketer. That person is Pat Flynn at SmartPassiveIncome.com. You can see each month what his income was for the prior month, where his income came from, and a breakdown of his expenses. Some months are better than others, but as you can see, he does very well for himself.

Clearing Up Some Myths About Affiliate Income

Watch For The Upsells

When signing up for an affiliate marketing course, be very cautious about upsells. This is a trick that is quite prevalent in the affiliate marketing community. The short of it is this…

Statistically speaking, you are far more likely to buy something immediately after you have already purchased. So, you’ll usually get lured into a “training course” for a very low price, sometimes under $10 (although this happens with expensive courses, too). As soon as you enter your payment information, BAM! You’re hit with another sales pitch. For another $10, you’ll get VIP access to the biggest secret ever, but you have to act RIGHT NOW! Whether you bite and get that upsell or not, you’ll usually be hit with at least one more upsell. Many times, the original purchase is almost useless without the upsell (but you only find that out after making your original payment). These guys will take as much as they can from you once you’ve purchased the original course. And expect your email inbox to be flooded with more sales offers as well.

Unfortunately, scammers have existed long before the internet was around and they will continue to exist in the virtual world. So, while you’re new at this, either sign up for an amazing affiliate marketing course or sign up for a program that is designed to help you build a REAL business online.

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