February 20, 2022

Everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting to earn a living online and being able to earn $100 per day online is a great start. Whether you want to pay off debts, build an entire business online, or just want to earn some extra cash in your free time, earning money online is a relatively new way to achieve this. Fortunately, being able to earn $100 per day online might be more achievable than you think. I should know, I’ve been earning over $100 per day online for years (and I make MUCH more than that, actually).

When you analyze different ways to earn $100 per day online, you must also determine how much time and resources you have available. Most experts talk about setting very specific goals. Some of your goals will be related to certain tasks, such as creating a certain number of new videos or articles each day, but other tasks will be related directly to your cash flow, such as hitting that $100 per day online milestone.

Step 1: Choose A Profitable Niche

Finding A NicheIf you don’t choose the right niche, you will never be able to earn $100 per day online no matter how hard you try. In order to succeed, you must truly be interested in the niche topic you are spending so much time on. If you focus on a niche you enjoy, you’ll gain personal satisfaction from it and that will translate into much more revenue in the long-term than just going after the seemingly high profit niche areas. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, you will earn $100 per day online with relatively little effort, because you’ll be having fun along the way.

On the flip side, you will need to also choose a niche with enough demand. If people aren’t interested in your niche, it doesn’t matter how much you personally enjoy it, you will never earn $100 per day online. You must attract enough people before you can pitch any products or services to them.

So, what constitutes a profitable niche? A niche with a lot of product potential, especially digital products, is a good starting point if you want to at least earn $100 per day online. There should also be enough companies offering affiliate partnerships in your niche. Let’s get into some specific examples so you can learn how to properly analyze a niche.

Take, for example, the “internet marketing” niche. Do you think you are able to earn money from this, even without having made any money online? Of course you can! You could start a blog and cover topics such as…

…And of course, as you learn more about internet marketing through your own research, you can write about it! Teach as you learn. It’s a great way to earn $100 online each day, don’t you think? With the internet marketing niche, you can recommend or create piles of different digital products such as e-books or training programs.

Obviously, I like the potential of the internet marketing niche so much that I got involved with it by creating this very website you’re on right now. Being able to earn $100 per day online with this niche is very achievable, which is why so many scammers and “guru’s” get into this industry.

But let’s look at a couple other examples of how you can earn $100 per day online. Say, for example, the dieting and weight loss niche. Maybe the thought of helping people get healthier and thinner excite you? This is an amazing “evergreen” niche which basically means, people are always looking to lose weight. Do you think you can earn $100 per day online promoting weight loss products? You bet you can! You will always have a fresh batch of new potential customers every day. And once again, you can come out with a wide array of digital products such as e-books, but you can also promote physical products like treadmills or other workout devices through affiliate programs.

What about pets? Heck, I have two websites in the pet niche industry and definitely earn $100 per day online from them, including DogFoodInsider.com and CatFoodInsider.com. People spend an insane amount of money on their pets from food to toys to healthcare and training.

The trick is to find the right balance. You need to focus on a topic you’re interested in, then narrow down to a specific niche within’ that industry where you can realistically earn $100 online each day from it. On my dog and cat sites, I focused specifically on food and nutrition, for example.

VIDEO: How To Earn $100 Per Day Online In 5 Steps

Step 2: Plan Ahead & FOCUS!

Plan Ahead & Focus!Many new affiliate marketers focus on too many things at once, so they never have a chance at being able to earn $100 online. From multiple niche topics to several blogs and even a dozen social media channels – it’s just too much.

Many experts will tell you to focus on several different areas and then stick with whichever one seems to be the most profitable. However, I disagree with this strategy. I think people should properly plan ahead so that they know, with 100% certainty, that they can earn a profit in their niche.

New marketers also need to have a very specific marketing strategy. Without having a pinpoint focused strategy, there is too much room for error. For example, I recommend when you first start, you focus entirely on a blog or website. Once you have mastered that, and only AFTER you have mastered that, should you focus on another marketing strategy like a video blog or social media. Take it one brick at a time and master one strategy at a time.

I used this affiliate marketing e-course just for this reason. New affiliate marketers don’t really know what they need to know or the order they need to know it in. With my free e-course, you will learn how to perform market research, develop a business plan, a monetization plan, how to form affiliate partnerships, and of course, how to acquire a lot of followers. I highly recommend you sign up if you haven’t already.

Step 3: Work Every Day For Free (at first)

Work For FreeYes, that’s right. Before you can expect to earn $100 per day online, you must realize right now that you have to put in some work for free. For example, if you start a blog, you need to blog every day, at least when you first start. Do you have an extra hour per day you can squeeze in? What about 2 hours? If you can write 1 to 3 new posts each day on your blog, within’ a few months, you might be able to start seeing some revenue. After about 6 months, it is almost guaranteed you’ll be making $100 per day online or close to it. And within’ about 1 year, you should be able to quite your day job.

The important point to remember here is you are creating residual income. Once you’ve successfully built up a revenue stream, it will keep earning you profits day after day, without you doing anything. At that point, you can focus on additional revenue streams. After 1 year of this, you won’t just be making $100 per day, but you’ll be making $100 per day through a diverse number of strategies that will last a long time. So don’t get too impatient. It sucks having to work for free, but it all pays off in the long run.

Step 4: Socialize!

Socialize!However you decide to build your following (e-books, a blog, videos, social media, etc.), make sure you socialize with them! This is not a key way to help earn $100 per day online. Set up commenting on your blog, respond to comments posted on your social media updates, encourage people to email you, and be friendly with your audience. Putting a face and personality with your marketing tactics will gain a lot of trust from your visitors.

This all goes back to the CTPM process. For those of you new to my blog, CTPM stands for…

  • Content
  • Traffic
  • Pre-Sell
  • Monetize

Before you can expect to earn $100 per day online from your site visitors, you must “pre-sell” your visitors which simply means gaining their trust. While high-quality content alone can accomplish this, it sure helps when you socialize and interact with your following. This can help increase your profits many times over.

Step 5: Reinvest!

Reinvest!If you’ve successfully completed the first 4 steps, you should be at or near $100 per day online in pure profit. So, what do you do with that $100 per day online? Do you buy a new car? Go on that dream vacation? Pay off debts?

While the decision is ultimately yours, I always take at least 50% of my profits and re-invest it into my business. With that $50 per day online, you can easily pay people to develop websites for you. I personally hire full or part time virtual assistants through an offshore service called BDhire.com. As for content? For many of my sites, I use services such as Elance.com or Constant-Content.com. From developing the site to running it 24/7/365… this can all be easily outsourced at $50 per day.

The key here is to always keep diversifying and building new streams of income in order to earn $100 per day online and secure your earnings. Not only does this set you up for long-term success, but once you’re able to outsource everything, your life becomes truly free from the daily grind.

In spite of what you may have been led to believe, if you want to earn $100 per day online, is is not that hard. It just takes focus, discipline, and a good plan. Take things one step at a time and by this time next year, I can almost guarantee you will be earning a full-time living online and well on your way to outsourcing it all.

Good luck and remember to ALWAYS have fun and NEVER stop learning!

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