April 29, 2016

If you’ve read any of our other blog posts, by now you understand that affiliate marketing can be a wonderful way to make money online but requires a lot of work and dedication.

Many websites out there promise you to get rich quickly with affiliate marketing, and that is just not the case.

But if you’ve managed to get past that and you’re dedicated to truly succeeding as an affiliate marketer with time, effort, and patience, then you’re likely looking for ways to stand out in the crowd.

There are lots of affiliate marketing sites out there because so many people believe it is an easy way to make money. And while it is money you make online—inherently easier than trying to make sales at a store—you definitely want to set yourself up to make the most sales possible while also truly setting up a business. After all, affiliate marketing can be a long-term career path, when executed correctly. Here are 6 affiliate marketing tips you need to keep in mind.

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Constantly Stay On Top Of Trends And News

Affiliate marketing is an ever-changing platform, and you cannot expect to simply learn it and then know everything forever. Change is inevitable, and instead of fearing it, you need to strive to stay on top of trends and news as it happens.

By simply dedicating ten to fifteen minutes every day to reading current news, you will already be miles ahead of the competition. You will learn about SEO updates as they happen, new affiliate networks, as well as seasonal products or services that you can promote.

Of course, being the first person to do something doesn’t necessarily make you the best. Make sure that you take any useful news and use it for your business in a way that makes the most sense for your audience. There are certain things, like changes to Google’s algorithms, that you’ll certainly want to pay attention to. But it’s not necessary to incorporate every single trend into your work; instead, take the ones that you think your audience will respond to best.

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Always Be Honest

This can mean many things—offering honest reviews and only promoting products and services you truly endorse. But most importantly, it’s important to be honest about disclosing your affiliate links.

Imagine two different people recommended two different pairs of hiking boots to you. If you knew that one of the people was being paid a commission if you bought the shoe they recommended, it might then influence your decision.

Many new affiliate marketers think that this will be an immediate turn-off to potential customers, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you are honest about the products and provide lots of helpful information to your audience, they will trust you. Also, varying the information you provide on your site—sometimes including affiliate links and sometimes simply promoting products you like without affiliate sales—can help them become more excited about the interesting things you do promote for affiliate sales.

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Engage Your Audience

It’s one thing to write a useful review, and it’s another thing to ask for your audience to get involved. Whether you simply ask them a question or create an engaging call-to-action at the end of a blog post, an engaged audience feels cared for and considered. While your main goal is to sell, it’s also to cultivate a great relationship with your audience, which will in turn make them trust you and want to buy the things you recommend. Make sure that you ask for their involvement, and this will get them more excited about what you have to say and can also offer wonderful feedback which you can use to improve your strategy.

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Promote Things You Already Use

As you begin to make money online, you might start to feel that you have to put a lot of money forth towards new products. This is not necessarily the case. Why don’t you feature products or services that you already own or use? After all, you clearly like them enough to use them regularly, and this lowers your monetary investment upfront while still providing amazing content for your audience.

Think about the products or services that you truly love and what could relate well to your followers. What clothing do you like, what websites do you visit all the time, what electronics are your favorite, or what kitchen items do you use to make your meals? While these types of things might not be new to you, they very well could be new for the people reading your site.

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Promote Products And Services At Various Price Points

Depending on your audience, they may or may not be willing to put forth a certain amount of money for dedicated items. Why not offer them options? You can always push for a more expensive item as the best choice, but if it’s a turn-off to some then they will have another option directly from you that might suit their budget better.

Additionally, many people are willing to spend more on certain items—like well-made clothing or nice electronics—and you could even push a pricier item. Don’t offer your audience so many options that they’re overwhelmed, but do feature enough variety to make them feel like you give them a choice and like they have a solid grasp on their finances.

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Improve Your Skills

If you can write amazing copy that makes people want to buy something, then you’re in a great place. But many people who get into affiliate marketing to make money online aren’t copywriters from the start. If you feel the need to improve your writing skills, look for local classes that can help you get better and, in turn, make more sales. You can also check out these free training videos to improve your web copy.

Additionally, creating a daily writing habit will hone your skills and make sitting down to write blog posts even easier. Use your writing to craft amazing content for your site, intriguing social media posts, and even guest posts that can make you even more of an authority in your niche.

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