February 20, 2022

Affiliate marketing is a dream career for introverts. I know that because I’m an introvert myself and am currently a full time affiliate marketer and professional blogger. If you’re a self-proclaimed introvert and are researching affiliate marketing, you are on the right track. I encourage you to keep researching, because nothing beats affiliate marketing. It’s the perfect career for anyone with an introvert personality.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing The Perfect Career For Introverts?

Career For Introverts

To answer this question, allow me to tell you about my day-to-day lifestyle. I have no boss, I have no employees, I don’t provide any customer service, and I’M the boss. I work when I want, where I want, when I want, as long as I want, as hard as I want, and call ALL the shots. I can’t even remember the last time I had to set an alarm clock. And I’m not a unique case.

Believe it or not, it gets even better…

I live in a 31ft travel trailer with my awesome black lab Cooper and travel the country while I run my affiliate marketing business. I spent all of last winter in beautiful Tucson, Arizona but am currently residing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in a little place called Vallecito, Colorado. Once the snow starts flying here in the mountains, I’ll hook up and head for the California coast. I don’t just have freedom from co-workers and bosses, but I have TOTAL freedom.

And it still gets better…

I don’t make money in exchange for my time. I earn an income 24/7/365. When I wake up in the morning, I immediately check my phone to see how much money I made overnight. Once I develop a money-making website, it earns me revenue while I develop another, and another, and then another. I have over a dozen revenue earning websites now and growing. For each new affiliate website I launch, I learn even more, which means my income increases at an almost exponential rate.

As a fellow introvert, I know this sounds like a dream to you. Heck, this type of freedom is a dream for anyone (even extroverts), but introverts seem to be the ones who are motivated enough to have so much freedom.

What Is My Typical Day As An Affiliate Marketer Like?

My day typically goes a little something like this…

I generally wake up anytime between 8:30am and 11:00am depending on how long I stayed up the night before. I just wake up whenever my body is ready. I get my dog and myself some breakfast, take a shower, and then go for my morning hike. My travel trailer is currently parked right on the border of the San Juan National Forest in southwest Colorado, so going for a hike is as easy as waking out the door.

After a couple hours of this, I head inside and check my emails, play around on social media promoting my sites, and read up on some industry news. If I feel like it, I’ll write my first article for the day (typically a 700 to 1,200 word article give or take).

At this point, I grab some lunch and maybe go outside for another short walk with my dog outside. I might grab a seat on a tree stump somewhere, gaze at the mountains, and consider what my next article will be.

This is when I really get into my groove. I will hammer out another 1 or 2 articles, make some dinner, feed the dog, and get back to writing another 1 or 2 articles before going for a short sunset or early night walk.

In this article, I explain how many hours per week most full-time affiliate marketers work.

As you can see, for the most part, I spend my time writing. I love to write. It’s peaceful, it’s something I can do in solitude, and many people seem to enjoy my articles. It just so happens the more content a website has, the more free traffic they get from search engines and other traffic sources that don’t cost me a dime.

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Use Your Freedom However You Wish

When it comes to my “introvertedness”, I take it to the extreme. I’m not angry with society and I actually really like people, but I can only take company in small durations. I’m simply happier alone most of the time. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend your time the same way I spend mine. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. You can use your freedom in a completely different way than me.

Some people prefer to spend more time with their kids or spouse. Others enjoy working at night instead of during the day. And for those who are a bit more extroverted, your schedule as an affiliate marketer will enable you to party every night if you want or attend any group event that interests you. Hobbies, passions, and interests thrive with the freedom you’ll have.

Why Affiliate Marketing Provides So Much Freedom

Affiliate Marketing For IntrovertsWhen you become an affiliate marketer, you will not be required to sell your own products or services. You can if you want to, but I choose not to. I don’t want to deal with storing products, dealing with suppliers, warehouses, manufacturers, payment processing services, etc. As an introvert, I don’t really want to have the stress of dealing with anyone and so I don’t.

As an affiliate marketer, you will find high quality products and services to promote that you truly believe in. For example, one of the ways I earn commissions is by promoting Amazon.com on one of my websites, DogFoodInsider.com. Not only do I help people find the best dog food for their dog, but I attempt to direct them to purchasing their dog food from Amazon. If someone clicks on any of my amazon links and then makes a purchase, I get a commission. Easy as that. I didn’t have to create, store, or ship anything. Amazon handles it all. The only thing I’m doing is creating a platform to draw in lots of targeted traffic from free search engines so I can advertise for Amazon. I provide value to my sites visitors as well as Amazon, so I end up getting paid. No matter what your website is about, you’ll be able to find affiliate programs that will earn you commissions on auto-pilot.

Starting A Website Based On A Topic You Already Know And Love

Another great aspect of affiliate marketing is the ability to start a website about almost any topic in any industry. Everyone has a hobby or a passion that can make them money online. From favorite vacation spots to academic knowledge to career advice and anything in between, there is a perfect topic that you can leverage online. With a little help, finding that perfect affiliate niche topic isn’t very difficult at all. Learn more about how affiliate marketing works in this 30 minute video.

The Costs Of Starting An Affiliate Marketing Website

Never before in the history of entrepreneurship has there been an opportunity such as affiliate marketing. You can start your own affiliate marketing website without quitting your day job, with absolutely no experience, and for essentially zero risk. The startup costs will be less than $50 with ongoing monthly expenses of less than $50 per month (in most cases, you’ll spend about half that). You’ll never have to spend a penny on advertising, employees, developers, or computer programmers.

Just to give you an idea of the risk-to-reward ratio, I was breaking even on my first website within 6 months. After 12 months, I quit my full-time job as an over the road truck driver. Within’ 18 months, I was earning nearly $10,000 per month and my income has been increasing ever since. I’m now earning well into the 6-figures.

When on EARTH has this EVER been possible?

Step-By-Step Video Instructions For Starting Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website

Getting started is the hardest part. This probably sounds awesome to most of you, but chances are you have absolutely no clue where to even begin. Truth be told, if you’ve never been exposed to affiliate marketing, it’s almost impossible for you to even begin researching. At this point, you don’t even know what you need to know.

That’s why I used a this amazing training program. My affiliate marketing course was specifically designed for those who are looking for a great starting point. I’ll show you how to develop an affiliate marketing business plan, choose a highly profitable niche topic based around subjects you already know about, how to set up your very own website without knowing a single line of computer code, how to write great content for your site, and how to send a ton of free visitors to your website that you can convert into paying customers.

Sign up right now and let’s get started right away!

Do you know of any other good careers for introverts? If so, leave a comment!

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